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Quite simply, to give back. We realised that as a family we are exceptionally lucky to have the resources to access services privately. We want to extend this type of opportunity to others and try to plug some of the gaps that exist for people living in challenging circumstances and/or with limited access to services. 

We have helped a few friends and family members in the past but are limited to how many personal gifts we can make. We wanted to increase our gift-giving and so have started this Trust (working title ‘the Williams Trust’) in order to extend it to the wider public. This takes the form of individual grants to relieve poverty, enhance educational opportunities, improve current access to health services, and reduce social isolation.



There is no age limit on the grants we can make. There are also no exemptions on the grounds of race, religion, disability or gender.

Geographical area is important, with applications only being accepted from the UK and priority being given to those applicants living in Hampshire.



Application forms must be completed and sent via our website, although we are happy to discuss scenarios over the phone prior to application.

Anyone can apply, providing they are applying as an individual (or on behalf of an individual) in need of a one-off grant to support with:

  • Relief of poverty

  • The enhancement of educational opportunities

  • Physical or mental health diagnosis and/or treatment

  • Reducing social isolation