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1. SL – Application for a grant to buy a washing machine, November 2022. £200 grant given.

Email from SL:
Williams Trust, first of all I’d like to thank you for how easy it was to apply for a grant. I was so stressed that no one was able to help, but you made the whole experience stress free and sooo helpful. You’re so kind and this generous gift will in fact change my day-to-
day living. I live on my own and have had back surgery and skull repair, which made it difficult for me to do usual task like washing [without a washing machine], and you have solved that, a big THANK YOU!! It’s like a Xmas present from you. I can’t thank you enough and I mean that sincerely, thank you, thank you, thank you.

2. MW – Application for grant to relieve sudden financial hardship, November 2022. £500 grant given.

Email from MW:

Hi, I would just like to say thank you for the grant I received this morning. My daughter applied on my behalf after the sudden death of my partner who took his own life one month ago today. The news of some help came as one good thing in a sea of awfulness. So far, I have had no help whatsoever from anyone other than my daughters who live and work hundreds of miles away. I am finding things very difficult indeed and this aid has at least made me feel as though I matter in some way. 

Again, many thanks.

3. CH – Application for grant to pay for a private ADHD assessment, February 2023

Email from Two Saints case worker:

C was street homeless in 2021/2022 and over time Two Saints were able to help get him into supported housing. During his stay we noticed that he was a very hyperactive character, and this was having an impact on his day-to-day life. C was unable to concentrate for long periods of times and he was unable to complete an IT course due to his impulsive behaviour.

In February, I contacted Williams Trust and completed a Grant Application for £695. This would be enough funds for C to be able to access a private ADHD assessment. The NHS waiting time was 2 years. In March, the application was accepted and paid to Two Saints.
C was overwhelmed by the generosity and was so happy to receive this financial support.

On the 13/6/23, C had his ADHD assessment. He was grateful to be seen by a professional with experience in this field, and you could see the relief he experienced being able to explain his symptoms and receive understanding. C received a full report of his assessment and finally had his diagnosis of ADHD with possible treatment plans going forward.

In C’s words, he finally understands the behaviours that he has experienced since being a child. This is going to help massively with his mental health going forward.

This process would not have been possible without the generosity of Williams Trust. On behalf of C himself…. Thank you so much!